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T H E   A C A D E M Y 
 T H A T   C A R E S

Our Programs

Esthetician (Facial)

750 Hours

Professionals who train to become estheticians learn about beautifying the skin through a variety of services, including facials, skin analysis, makeup artistry & more.

Manicurist (Nail)

600 Hours

If you enjoy working with your hands and consider yourself a “people person,” becoming a manicurist may be perfect for you!

Class A Barber Crossover

300 Hours

The barber crossover program allows licensed cosmetologists to earn their Class A Barber Certificate in just 300 hours.


500 / 750 Hours

Being an instructor can impact future beauty professionals. Instructor studies the basics of teaching with hands-on and theory skills in order to prepare students for a job in the field.

You are a currently studying and want to transfer to our school?

Why Choose Our School

Experienced Professionals

Our school strives to produce outstanding future professionals with our outstanding staff with over 10 years of experience in the beauty industry.

Updated Curriculum

Instructors stay up to date with the current beauty industry demand and state regulations in order to provide the best education for beauty students.

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